Motivational Speaking Engagements

"The prosthetic leg I wear isn't a sign of loss, but a reminder to master fear and embrace life. I choose to find the opportunity in adversity."

Rachel Handler is a performer and motivational speaker. She has been featured in countless newspapers and on Youtube. Her blend of high-octane energy, humor, and compassion inspires students and organizations to adopt her motto, "find the opportunity in adversity," as their new standard of excellence. This message is custom tailored for each audience Rachel meets. Her presentations are a combination of entertainment and inspiration!

Rachel's experience of becoming an amputee so suddenly gives her a unique perspective on hope and determination.She utilizes this universal message of hope to maximize one's potential. 

Rachel was asked to sign T-shirts after her speaking engagement at the "Disable the Label" event at the University of New Haven. 




Rachel promotes understanding between individuals with different backgrounds. As a newly disabled person, she is part of the minority that no one wants to join, but anyone can fall into at any time. She shows students her prosthetic leg to let them know that life can change at any moment. Some things may not be in their life plan but sometimes the most creativity happens when one colors outside the lines. Who needs to be stagnant, who wants to be normal when it's our differences that make us who we are? She promotes learning about diversity and using adversity to find opportunity.  


Negative social pressures abound at this age, Rachel speaks out as a peer to encourage these students to set higher goals for themselves and become a leader. The only way to lead is to be empowered; Rachel teaches empowerment through overcoming fear and being true to oneself. In order to feel confident wearing her prosthesis in public, Rachel had to accept that this disability was part of her, but only one small part of her. She is still an actor, singer, and dancer, and if she can adapt to her new circumstances, then so can any student. 


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Previous audiences include:
College Faculty and Staff
Performing Arts High School Students

Drivers Ed Students

High School Students With Disabilities
Psychology Graduate Students 
College Students With Disabilities
Performing Arts Majors and Minors 

This is a short clip of the first time Rachel spoke to a group of students, enjoy!